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Termite Inspections in North Brisbane

Complete Home Inspections specialize in Termite Inspections in North Brisbane

Are you struggling with termite issues at your home? Termites are hard to detect and can be deadly if left untreated! Early detection can save your property from large scale damage! Complete home inspection is a reputable home inspections and pest control service provider operating all over North Brisbane. We specialize in termite inspections offering reliable solutions at a very affordable price.

Termites can be very deadly! Early detection can save you plenty!

Termite infestations are a common site in Australia, with the older homes at higher risks. Since they tend to avoid air and light their colonies usually forms underground within wood materials. Thus the termite damage remains hidden from sight and is very difficult to identify at the early stages of the infestation. This calls for a good professional service provider to show their expertise.

Get your house thoroughly inspected before purchasing

You need to be cautious when purchasing a new home by making sure that your house has been thoroughly inspected for not just pest detection but other safety hazards and structural related issues. It is essential to carry out termite inspections in your North Brisbane annually to detect termite activities early on and prevent the potential damage it can cause on the structure of your house. Our highly qualified and experienced pest control unit will assess the condition of your property and plan solutions to minimize the risk of future attacks.

Our services are not limited to just termite inspections

The CSIRO (Common Wealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) recommends pest and termite inspections to protect your house annually from severe structural damages. Besides termite inspection and elimination we offer wide varieties of other pest control services that include: • Cockroaches
• Ants
• Fleas
• Spiders
• Bed Bugs
• Moths
• Birds
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