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Building and Pest Services Inspections in Caboolture

Whether you are excited about buying a new property, want to continue enjoying your stay in a property or getting ready to list it in the market, carrying out a qualified Building and pest inspections in the Caboolture area is a must!

What we are as a Building and Pest Inspector in Caboolture

We are Qualified Builders to Inspect your Building

A building comprises of large structural parts that hold it together, smaller internal and external units that makes the super structures. Then there are other finer interior details and utilities that all become an inseparable whole of the building. It is only natural that a building inspection should be carried out only by a qualified and licensed builder that has the experience and the expertise to spot the smallest details.

We are Veterans in the Trade

Complete Home Inspections comprises of veteran professionals that have more than 10 years of experience in the field. We are also fully insured and licensed giving you just the trustworthy service that you are in need of. We carry out full building inspection and pest inspection using the latest technology and gadgets apart from scanning every inch of the property with trained eyes. The thermal imaging allows us to learn about the conditions of the unreachable and hidden parts of the building. The moisture affected parts or those having extensive pest colonies are clearly highlighted in these images. At the end of it we hand over a detailed report that is accurate and also understandable to all with full evidence of images. You get to know about potential damage points as well as those parts that are already in need repairs.

We Help to Make Right Decisions in Building and pest Inspections Services in Caboolture

As a homeowner you can take care of your property making timely repairs or pest control saving thousands or list it with a better asking price. For those of you that are looking for a property, you can easily calculate your costs and make a good buying decision of whether to invest in a property or not. All our inspections are according to the latest Australian standards and reliable coming from licensed personnel. Same day service at most competitive rates has made us a popular choice all across the East Coast.

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