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Building Inspections Services in Caboolture

A thorough building inspection in Caboolture by a licensed builder will alert you of any structural or other potential problems. Complete Home Inspection is a fully insured and licensed company comprising of industry veterans. We help you assess even the smallest defect at the initial stages using the most advanced technology and equipment.

How We do Interior and the Exterior of your Building Inspection in Caboolture

The trained eyes of our inspectors carefully examine the interior and the exterior of your property.
  • We are especially careful when inspecting the roof, the sub-floors, decks and the basement. These are among the basic structural parts that are most important for the life of a building.
  • There are other parts like the stairs, verandas, windows, their casement and the sealants around them that are potential points of damage to the property.
  • The roof and the attic are two extremely important places that need a proper assessment on a regular basis to avoid damage to a property. Our technicians spend time in looking for the even the slightest threat that will help eliminate any potential threat.
  • We also thoroughly inspect the exteriors like fences, carports and garage along with the side walk and the drainage.
  • The essential utilities like the plumbing lines, electrical systems and the heating systems also come under the purview of our building inspection
As reputed inspectors of the East Coast, we go well beyond the surface using infrared cameras along with moisture meters for accurate assessment of the internal condition of properties.

How You Will Be Benefited by Our Building Inspections in Caboolture

After the inspection process, we write out a complete report along with the recommendations for a reliable repair and an accurate cost assessment. The benefits of such an inspection profits you as an owner or someone looking to buy the property As a property owner that wishes to enjoy an enjoyable stay, you get to identify the small problems and fix them immediately. This is especially helpful before listing the building in the property market. As an interested buyer, you become aware of the exact condition of the property and the costs involved. You are naturally better positioned to make a buying decision or bargain for a better price.

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