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Pre Purchase Building Inspections Services in Caboolture

Avoid costly mistakes when buying a new property and take the fear out with professional pre purchase building inspections in Caboolture! When you are all set to make one of the most significant investments of your life, it only makes sense to employ experts to access it all. At Complete Home Inspections, we help bridge this gap with our specialized services in the domain. As a fully insured and licensed company, we provide quality inspection services that has helped our clients save expensive purchases.

We Provide Pre Purchase Building Inspections Services in Caboolture

We provide pre-purchase building inspections services in Caboolture by using the advanced thermal imaging techniques. The trained eyes scan every part of the property for any tell-tale signs of damage onset in terms of aging, moisture presence or those caused by insects.
  • The thermal imaging devices enable determining the condition of parts of the structure that are hidden from the naked eye. Presence of moisture is imaged as dark spots that help determine the extent of damage present.
  • The basement, attic and the roof are among the most important areas of any building that determines its stability. Our trained experts carry out a meticulous inspection of the structural details of the property and report it accordingly.
  • They also carefully access the internal conditions of the property and note it in details. There are utility installations like the electrical, heating and cooling systems, the plumbing lines that are checked with much care.
  • Pest inspections are among the most expensive damages that properties incur across the globe and the East Coast of Australia is no exception. With us you get the Complete Home Inspections advantage of a thorough assessment of and also the complete report of any such destructive presences.
  • Our pre-purchase building inspections services in Caboolture also help you assess if the property is situated in an area that is particularly vulnerable to any pest attacks like termites, rodents or others.
After we have carried out the exhaustive building inspection, we write out the detailed report that also includes the remedial measures that need to be employed. This will help you get the clear figures of the costs involved and subsequently make your buying decision. Contact us now or ring my phone on @ 0410 369560 for an honest inspection report. You can also soot a mail to me @ completehomeinspectionsqld@gmail.com