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Building Inspections in North Brisbane

Complete Home Inspection is your one-stop shop for all kinds of Building Inspection in North Brisbane

In order to help you determine whether your property complies with the government safety issues we offer well-trained and fully accredited and registered technicians and builders to meet your inspection needs promptly and proficiently. We specialise at identifying any kind of electrical, mechanical and plumbing issues with your building and help you buy, construct or invest in a property with confidence.

Make the right decision and get your house inspected!

We are fully covered with liability insurance and our independent residential property inspectors are fully accredited with Australian inspection standards. Our inspection prices are very reasonable and varies based on the type, size and condition and access limitation of the building. Here are the building inspection services that we provide across North Brisbane:
• Pre-purchase building inspections
• Pre-purchase pest inspection
• Property inspection
• Construction stage inspection.

What are the benefits of building inspection?

With the help of our detailed and efficient inspection procedures we will be able to help you: • Identify all kinds of safety hazards and uncover major defects
• Plan any maintenance and repairing issues
• Detect all kinds of problems in your existing home before they worsen
• Plan your home renovation
• Uncover any damage that has been caused by termites & other pests
• Detect any potential asbestos issue

Are you safe from pest inspection and the deadly asbestos?

Additionally, we are adept at carrying out building inspection for pests and termite infestation, pool safety inspection, asbestos detection and preparing a condition report for your house meticulously and efficiently. However, our services are not limited to the above mentioned ones. We are highly skilled at terminating pest and termite infestation from your house using innovative methods and eco-friendly products to leave your home 100% free from the pests and termites without causing any harm to your health.

Very affordable service with a prompt inspection report

Our services can be arranged within 24 hours of booking. At the end of the inspection you will be provided with an easy to understand report within 24 hours of the inspection. We offer a wide range of building inspection services across North Brisbane to meet your needs. Therefore, if you are struggling with any building issues contact us now and we will provide you with an instant quote promptly. Contact us now or ring my phone on @ 0410 369560 for an honest inspection report. You can also soot a mail to me @ completehomeinspectionsqld@gmail.com